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CSTL – Certificate in Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

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The CSTL training course provides the key knowledge and terminology about logistics – the front-end of business. The four modules of the course present the body of knowledge in a progressive manner, with the necessary details and notes.
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CSTL Brochure

Student Guide

CSTL is a self-paced course, that offers maximum flexibility and control for the learner. The course can be started immediately upon signing up. The recommended course duration is three months; however, it can be completed earlier depending on the learner’s time commitment.

Learning resources include the following:

  1. Downloadable, print-ready handbooks in PDF format.
  2. Video lessons.
  3. Examples
  4. Quizzes
  5. Final Test


The CSTL certificate is added to the learner’s account upon passing the final test and can be downloaded and printed as needed. Each CSTL certificate bears a unique identification and is valid for life.

The CSTL course combines the knowledge and skills necessary for efficiently managing shipping, transportation, and logistics operations, with a focus on continuous improvement. Its curriculum encompasses fundamental knowledge and essential tools used in logistics management, such as shipping, inventory analysis, carrier selection, export documentation, cold chain management, routing guides, reducing transportation costs, reverse logistics, multimodal transportation, and related operations.

CSTL certificate course prepares students for the following roles:

  • Warehouse Associate/Manager
  • Distribution Centre Planner/Manager
  • Transport Manager
  • Distribution Inventory Manager
  • and related job functions.

You will find detailed information about the training methods, learning resources, suggested schedule, and the criteria for passing the final test in the Student Guide provided at the beginning of this course. If you need further details or have any specific questions, you may contact the Registrar.