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CLSS – Certificate in Lean & Six Sigma

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The CLSS contains practical knowledge about the two main process improvement tools, that are time-tested and proven to deliver results. Lean improves cash flow by reducing waste and eliminating non-value-added activities, whereas Six Sigma improves quality by improving quality. Used in tandem, these tools have the potential to turn around businesses struggling with waste, complexity, and inefficiency.

CLSS course is intended for professionals in all areas of business who want to improve results and take their performance to the next level. The skill set is also very helpful to support continuous improvement initiatives launched within the organization. The curriculum presents the Lean and Six Sigma core concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The courseware includes downloadable handbooks in print-ready format, video lessons, quizzes, and the final test. The CLSS certificate is uploaded to the student’s account upon completing the program.

CLSS Student Guide contains introductory information to apprise the student of the learning resources and the process. If you need further details or have any specific questions, you may contact the Registrar.