The Challenges of Sales Forecasting in the Second Year of Pandemic

Policymakers during COVID-19 operate in uncharted territory and must make tough decisions. Operational Research – the ubiquitous ‘science of better’ – plays a vital role in supporting this decision-making process. First spotted in Wuhan in China, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the most severe recession in nearly a century and, according to the OECD’s […]

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SAP: The Importance of Real-time Data

Supply Chain Digital examines SAP’s eGuide “Surviving and Thriving: How Supply Chain Leaders can minimize risk and maximize opportunities.” Made possible by the advancement and combination of several key technologies, including cloud, IoT (internet of things), and data analytics, real-time data has the potential to be a revelation for supply chain optimization. Dispensing with the […]

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Role of Cyber Security in Supply Chain Risk Management

Introduction Information and operational technology (IT/OT) rely on a complex, globally distributed, and interconnected supply chain ecosystem to provide highly refined, cost-effective, and reusable solutions. This ecosystem is composed of various entities with multiple tiers of outsourcing, diverse distribution routes, assorted technologies, laws, policies, procedures, and practices, all of which interact to design, manufacture, distribute, […]

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SMED beyond the shop floor

SMED – or Single Minute Exchange of Dies approach aims at reducing changeover time from one process set up to another, in order to switch the equipment from making one product to another. While necessary, the set-up time is non-productive time or downtime when the equipment is not producing any product, but standing idle as […]

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